Saturday, May 19, 2012

Africa Travel Association (ATA) welcome more airlines to fly into zimbabwe!

 Africa Travel Association (ATA) congress begun in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe on Friday with the association's executive director saying Zimbabwe should encourage more airlines to fly into the is five days event held in vic falls this year to promote tourism in zimbabwe.
ATA executive director, Edward Bergman, Zimbabwe needs more airlines flying into the country to ensure tourists have easy access to the country’s resorts.
He said more players in the aviation industry would also help reduce airfares.
"The local aviation industry is in dire need of more players so that there is competition among the airlines," Bergman told journalists.
"More airlines will ensure easy accessibility to destinations in Zimbabwe. If more airlines come on board, it will make accessibility easy and it will also stimulate competition and growth."
The country’s flag career Air Zimbabwe was grounded for nearly five months due to massive debts and strikes by key staff such as pilots and engineers over pay.
However the airline resumed domestic flights recently but continues to stay away from international routes, fearing seizure of its aircraft by creditors.
At least 18 airlines, including major global carriers, have pulled of the country since 2000 as the country struggled with a major economic and political crisis.
An improving economy as well as the easing of political tensions have seen some airlines, among them Emirates Airlines, already began flights to Zimbabwe.
Meanwhile, the ATA congress has been oversubscribed with almost 400 delegates and 16 government ministers confirming their participation.
Vice President Joice Mujuru is expected to officially open the conference.
The last time the ATA congress was held in Zimbabwe was in 1988 and its return is largely seen as an opportunity to promote the country’s tourism product in lost source markets such as the Americas and Europe.


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